Unizinc Easy interlocking shelving

The simplified interlocking shelving


UNIZINC EASY is a lightweight galvanized shelving with current and transverse shelves that are easily adapted to the most different storage requirements, designed to allow greater ease of assembly of the beam and thus also of the shelves. Galvanizing allows use even in damp places.
The UNIZINC beam structure has a unique profile in its sector: the steel is concentrated precisely in the part subjected to a greater load, that is, to the extreme of the section, thus avoiding unnecessary waste of material along the neutral axis, to an exceptional load capacity in relation to the lightness of the structure.

Thanks to its easy assembly, this shelving is suitable for spare parts dealers, storage and hanging garments.

Discover all available applications: walkway shelving for spare parts dealers, walkway shelvings for archives and hanging garments

Discover the Unizinc Easy advantages

The new conception of light shelf: easier to assemble, more stable.
  • UNIZINC EASY has eliminated the beam support hooks, replacing them with a unique fastening element in fiber-reinforced composite material that you will find already inserted on the two ends of each current.
    In this way, you do not have to perform three mounting operations, constituted by the need to secure the two hooks and then to mount the beam.
    With UNIZINC EASY you simply fit the two extremities on the uprights and the beam assembly is done.
  • The new exclusive connecting system for fiber-reinforced composite material fits precisely into the slots provided on the uprights: hence greater stability of the entire shelf.
  • The new concept of the supporting shelves, without holes and without sharp edges, allows to create a totally even and absolutely secure surface.
  • In the case of a configuration with a mezzanine, the supporting bracket of the decking made in a single piece, without welding, is much more resistant. More resistance is also given by the special fastening system characterized by longitudinal bars that go through the upright, in place of the traditional front mounting. This system gives much more resistant to vertical load, for the use of the mezzanine in full safety.
    Complete absence of sharp edges that could injure people and damage materials.
  • The new design of the supporting shelves makes the whole surface formed when they are assembled stronger. In fact, the UNIZINC EASY shelves have a unique interlocking system thanks to which they doo not flex in correspondence of the coupling sides: they become therefore, once mounted, a rigid and solid surface, as if it were constituted by a single element, and that once mounted on the beam, confers new levels of stability to the shelf structure as a whole.
  • The plastic feet are made with special plastic reinforced with glass fiber, resistant to pressure. Printed directly from ROSSS with virgin material and remoistened to give added strength. Foot thickness 5 mm.
  • “T closed” upright profile, with 56 mm front section and large profile area made possible by the deep back development; it ensures a considerable resistance to the load, unitarily to a limited frontal area.
  • Galvanization of uprights = z 200. Galvanizationof beams and shelves z = 140. The Z code followed by a number X indicates that each square meter of sheet metal has a coating equal to X grams of zinc. A quantity which must be carefully assessed as zinc plays only the sheet metal anticorrosive coating function: not constituting a structural element, not contributing to the physical and mechanical performance of the structure that it covers, a greater amount of zinc, equal to the final thickness of the structure, in fact implies a smaller amount of steel. For this reason, for the UNIZINC structural elements, specific combinations, z 200 and z 140 have been adopted, thus ensuring the ideal ratio between structural performance and corrosion resistance.
  • Thanks to being able to choose, depending on the specific needs, between plastic feet, available either in double or single version, or in metal, UNIZINC EASY ensures maximum stability in all conditions of use.
  • Beam connection requires only 37.5 mm coupling space, which guarantees a greater flexibility of use.
  • In the case of a mezzanine configuration, it is possible to develop standard height structures of up to 6 meters, also equipped with halfway surface areas. There is the possibility of placing galvanized surfaces between 900 mm and 2100 mm long (300 mm space) and between 300 and 1200 mm deep (100 mm space).


The Unizinc Easy hook shelving is produced in the following colours:

  • the product is available only galvanized


Discover the world of Unizinc Easy.
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Certified quality for our scaffalatura Unizinc

Made only with certified structural steels. Each ROSSS structural product carries the CE mark

The steel used for the construction of the shelves is 3.1 certificate structural type, DX51D+Z100. The product is made from coils, through moulding and profiling.


The steel used for the realization of the beams is 3.1 certificate structural type, S250GD+Z100 with minimum unit yield stress of 250 N / mm2. The product is obtained from galvanised coils, by molding and cold profiling.


The steel used for the construction of the feet is 3.1 certificate structural type, DX51D+Z200. The product is made from galvanized coils, through moulding and profiling.

Cross bars

The steel used for the construction of the cross bars is 3.1 certificate structural type, DX51D+Z140. The product is made from galvanized coils, through moulding.


The steel used for the realization of the uprights is 3.1 certificate structural type, S250GD+Z100/Z140 with minimum unit yield stress of 250 N / mm2. The product is obtained from galvanised coils, by molding and cold profiling.


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