The Train compactable shelf

Archiving intensity and massive storage with modular design


Effectively eliminates wasted space: all moving parts are contained in the thickness of the side and the chassis, a new concept, it is thinner and of less tall. Train is available in manual, mechanical and electrical version. [[placeholder]]Thanks to its modular design, you can choose to add to the purchased configuration new modules at any time, according to your needs: like a train where extra cars are added, TRAIN ROSSS is ready to grow with the quick, fast and cheap addition of new modules.

Ready to buy, ready to grow over time, ready to surprise you with new performances.

Discover all available applications: manual intensive storage, electric intensive storage, mechanical intensive storage

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Many ready to assemble versions
  • Integral traction: the new precision of movement.
    Instead of one wagon, where the handle is placed, which drags all the others, TRAIN ROSSS offers an exclusive integral traction drive system, traction is exerted on each wagon ensuring a uniform and immediate movement and eliminating the unfortunate Accordion-effect that is felt at the start of movement of traditional traction systems. An effect, which besides being unpleasant, is also harmful in the long term for the system because of the inertia and misalignment which it causes in time to the structural elements. With TRAIN ROSSS instead, thanks to the transmission shaft that connects each wagon, the movement is more homogeneous and precise, and especially more correct and safer for the entire system.
  • New high-tech materials: new durability.
    The most traditional solution to a transmission shaft consists of a tube, often accompanied by a very rudimentary fastening system, such as a simple pin located transversely to the tube itself. Extremely poor solutions, developed for very limited savings in terms of material, but very expensive in time, due to the enlargement of the hole caused by the progressive failure of the material in which it is made, a thin metal tube, and with the creation of slacks in the transmission, which increase day by day. TRAIN ROSSS turns the page on all of this: a solid drive shaft in solid steel rectified with key gap for perfect traction, no losening or sagging over time.
  • The new TRAIN ROSSS tracks made of duralumin guarantee the performance of steel but with one difference: they do not rust, thus maintaining their original appearance and their shine over time. Important elements for consistent performance over time.
  • Enough with regular maintenance: the unique plastic material of the TRAIN ROSSS supports is self-lubrificating. Saved time and problems avoided from the start, forever.
  • Advantages: a mayor noiselessness, but most important minor inertia of movement and theretore greater safety, all thanks to the new shaped-belt, which replaces the traditional transmission chain. A new configuration, but also a new materiai, rubber instead of metal, tor one of the main transmission devices to establish a new benchmark in the field of compact mobile filing system.
  • To protect users from possible stumbles and shocks: but also the possibility to create an elegant design together with the wooden floor if requested. These are the functions of the exclusive side-sliding TRAIN ROSSS: useful, when floor can not be made on location, useful and beautiful with the assembled floor.
  • For a most pleasant and accurate use of TRAIN ROSSS integrai traction system, is the employ of sealed ball bearings to support wheels: maximum fluency and absence of friction, but also long-life and protection from dust.
  • Iron wheels are an unbeatable solution in terms of big capacities: indeed we have kept them tor those versions conceived tor big loads movements. But for ali other versions TRAIN ROSSS offers a great innovation: wheels in composite materiai, ideai to reach new standard as regards noiselessness, reliability and fluency.
  • New compact design: the new space and the new ergonomics. Thanks to its new compact design, TRAIN ROSSS uses every centimeter of space: starting with the new arrangement of movement devices, contained in the thickness of the space­limited special frame.
  • A new conception of chassis, thinner and less height: a precious expedient that retrieves useful space far storage. A further element of success far Train Rosss.
  • How many times an assembling has been interrupted due to a missing component part? Now this will not happen again: TRAIN ROSSS is delivered in assembly kit boxes, complete with all necessary component parts for structure realization. A new convenience, without surprises.
  • The assembly of bracing sets and anchorages: this is an operation that always requires some time and a special attention. In brief: one more complication. TRAIN ROSSS removes even this criticai situati on right from the beginning: thanks to its new conception, bracing sets and anchorages will not exist any more.
  • An innovative system, useful and effective: the modular aluminium rail allows to assemble doors quicker and easier. Time saved so money saved.
  • This is one of the great benefits of TRAIN ROSSS modularity: instead of big and bulky component parts, you will have modular elements, easy to handle and transport. An important saving for a more intelligent and efficient system.
  • The new modular svstem readv to 10110w vour needs. Remaining faithful to its name, ROSSS takes inspiration from the tra in modularity concept: one element of principal traction, MOTOR ROSSS, to which to add WAGON ROSSS upon needs, and realize a train with the desired length. An important feature, that will allow you to adapt the whole system in a new possible position without waste of space and without difficulty.


The Train shelving is produced in the following colours:

  • Galvanized / grey RAL 7038

Available on request

  • Galvanized / Blue Ral 5010
  • Galvanized /White RAL 9010
  • Galvanized / Metallic Aluminum RAL 9006
  • Galvanized / Yellow Ral 1021
  • Galvanized / grey RAL 7026
  • Galvanized / Orange Ral 2004
  • Galvanized / Magenta RAL 4003
  • Galvanized / Tint RA


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Certified quality for our scaffalatura Train

Made with certified structural steels. Each ROSSS structural product carries the CE mark.

Cast iron or fiber-reinforced composed material wheels


The steel used for making the shelves is of type DC 01 with minimum unitary yield stress of 140 N / mm2. The product is made from coils, through molding and bending.


The steel used for making the hooks is of type DD 11 with minimum unitary yield stress of 140 N / mm2. The product is made from coils, through moulding.

Cross bars

The steel used for making the cross bars is of type DC 01 with minimum unitary yield stress of 140 N / mm2. The product is made from coils, through moulding.


The steel used for the realization of the uprights is 3.1 certificate structural type, S235JR with minimum unit yield stress of 235 N / mm2. The product is obtained from coils, by molding and cold profiling.


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Product catalogue
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