Our Social commitment

“ROSSS has always been aware of the role that each of us has towards society, it has never neglected what is felt as a responsibility: social commitment. A commitment managed with the same spirit used in carrying out its activities and inspired by the same values and principles.
From its support to Meyer Paediatric Hospital in Florence (www.meyer.it) to helping people affected by the earthquake in Emilia; being part of the community means understanding that we all belong to something greater than ourselves.”


Freedom, even from the Mafia came from Trust and from Testimony.

In fact, like all human things, even the Mafia will come to an end


ROSSS ROSSS has supported important research projects at Meyer Paediatric Hospital in Florence

We helped to support the populations of Emilia and Lombardy after the 2012 earthquake

Our code of ethics

ROSSS promotes integrity by conducting its business in an honest and ethical manner. The integrity and reputation of ROSSS depend on honesty, fairness and integrity with which each person within the Company works. Irreproachable personal integrity is the foundation of corporate integrity.