Customer name:  SAMA S.p.A

Location: Ponso (PD)

Category: Heavy Storage

Product used: Iron Fist Drive in

The structure designed and built by ROSSS for SAMA SpA, a company specializing in the marketing of canned fruit, dried fruit and canned vegetables, consists of two drive-in facilities, one of which is equipped with automatic shuttles.
The first plant covers a total area of ​​1500 square meters and is intended to accommodate 3176 pallet places; has 3 levels of load more land, it reaches a height of 7.5 mt.
The drive-in system with automatic shuttles instead covers an area of ​​2400 square meters, for a total of 3676 pallet places. Compared to the traditional drive-in, where the operator enters with the cart inside the tunnel, the operations of loading and unloading of pallets in the drive -in system equipped with automatic shuttles, take place in correspondence of the front plant, with advantages in terms of speed and safety of the goods handling operations.