Customer name:  Hassani Trading Company

Location: Al Quoz, Dubai

Category: Heavy Storage

Product used: Iron Fist Drive in

The system designed and built by ROSSS for Hassani Trading Company is located in Al Quoz, Dubai.

The plant in question is a drive-in with shuttles. The Iron Fist shelving with which the plant has been realized, is located inside a warehouse of 1350 square meters, with a height of 8 m; the maximum rack height is 6.40 meters.

The installation is divided into two FIFO blocks which house two different load units, for a total of 1808 pallet places. Inside the warehouse there are 2 working shuttles capable of handling approximately 30 pallets per hour each. Shuttles are an innovation for the automated storage of pallets in a traditional drive-in shelf lane.

The shuttles are machines able to move independently within a drive-in, to guarantee a high density automatic storage. Controlled by a simple remote control they lift, lay down and reorganise the pallets. They are moved with a conventional fork lift and can operate in all installation channels, with the FIFO mode of operation (First In First Out) and LIFO (Last In First Out).