Customer name:  Menu srl

Location:  Modena

Category: Heavy Storage

Product used: IRON REX

Menu srl – Medolla (MO) – food specialties Industry- IRON REX

The new automatic anti-seismic warehouse designed by ROSSS for Menu srl: Every warehouse is unique because each one always requires the design of a specific structure, but some are really special because to meet some unique logistical requirements, new components for its shelving must be also created.
And that is what we did by making over 28,000 pallet spaces of the new anti-seismic warehouse for Menu srl thanks to an innovative and specific shelving made from special beams and tubular uprights.

It is indeed a pioneering project in engineering applied to the shelving structures. For this reason, in the seismic design, criteria of strength hierarchy of elements were applied, introduced into the Italian law with the DM 14/01/08.