Customer name:  Conad Adriatico

Location: San Salvo (CH)

Category: Heavy Storage

Product used: Iron Fist

The plant built by ROSSS for the Polo del Freddo – Conad Adriatico is located within the Conad distribution center, in the industrial area of ​​San Salvo, in the province of Chieti. Here ROSSS designed and built a plant anti-seismic with Iron Fist pallet racks, intended to accommodate pallets of frozen foods, meats and dairy products.

The warehouse is made from a frozen cell, with a temperature of – 25° C, which extends for about 1600 square meters and two cells for meats and dairy products at a controlled temperature, which together have a surface area of ​​3300 square meters.

In the freezer cell Iron Fist shelving will allow the storage of 3,300 pallets while the two cells for meat and dairy products will have a capacity of 6,500 pallet spaces.

The plant is served by reach trucks and order pickers for the movement of goods.