Customer name:  Cooperativa Agricola Albalat

Location:  Modena

Category: Heavy Storage

Product used:  Tree Cheese

The plant designed and built by ROSSS for Società Cooperativa Agricola Albalat, is located in Modena. The project responds to the urgent needs of the dairy companies to store wheels of Parmesan, following the earthquake last May that have seriously damaged the company’s warehouse.

The plant has a length of about 80 m by 53 m in depth and consists of 5 cells, connected between them by means of internal doors.

Inside the 5 cells TREE CHEESE racks were installed, reaching a height of 7750 m and are provided with 20 height load boards each.

The warehouse is also equipped with a ventilation system to facilitate the correct ageing of Parmesan cheese and is served by a brushing / turning machine for the cleaning of wheels.

The system created allows storage of 108,960 wheels of Parmesan.